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((I have an excess of things to take care of art wise and tumblr falls low on that massive list. So if you’re waiting for an answer or a request, please wait til July. Sorry for the wait~))


- Test Outfit Lineart - *front and back view*

((WHOAH! O.O ))

((1 hour sketch and paint~))

((1 hour sketch and paint~))

"Maybe outloud I won’t say I’m in love~"

"Maybe outloud I won’t say I’m in love~"



He was crawling through tree branches in the forest, looking for any kind of prey to pounce on. The scythe like blade attached to his forearm, occasionally the blade would catch on smaller branches and cut them down. All Drake could do was wait for a prey and hope that he wouldn’t give himself away.

Virana just happened to be in the trees that day as well, taking a light nap. It was a strange place for most people but she was always the most comfortable in trees. When she heard the faint rustling of the branches, she opened her eye ever so slightly.